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Healing Sessions

Healing & Learning & Coaching Sessions

Healing Energy 

Mindful Relaxation 

Reiki is a way to deeply relax.  Upon your first session you will de-stress and achieve a deep peacefulness that can carry into all areas of your life.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that guides the healthy flow of energy through your body to promote healing. I provide Reiki with a "light touch," it helps:

  • relaxation

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • joint pain

  • headaches

  • depression

  • assists with the management of some chronic diseases.


Come experience Reiki.

You will feel better on your first visit. 

Learning Sessions

Learn something New, Interesting and Fun

Come learn something new!

Complementary Session, Donations are appreciated!

See below for details

Space is limited

You Must RSVP







Great group of women,

together in support and learning from each other!

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Blossom to Bliss
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One-on-One Coaching 

My Signature System

Do you want to make changes to improve your life?

Want to write your next chapter with hope and happiness?

Do you want to start something you've always wanted to do?

Feeling stuck in your career?

Do you want to start a business?


Transformation feels scary and exciting, I understand. But I also know that happiness sits waiting on the other side of fear. 

Let's talk about what you really, really, really want and remove what's getting in the way of making that happen


Transformation is our only objective.

Let's get rid of the negative messages in your head that limit you. I'll help you start to listen to your wise voice inside.

Your authentic self is perfection and is waiting to be revealed.

Coaching is an excellent way to help you get started. And I am here to help!




Reiki Healing


45 minute session



60 minute session

*There is a 24 hour

$35.00 Cancellation fee.

Thank you

Energy work in Action

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Learning Sessions

is a collaboration of positive energy, facts, true stories, interesting and fun conversations that expand the mind.


Space is limited


Sessions are free

Donations are happily accepted

Tuesdays from 4-5-ish pm

Upcoming Sessions


 Tuesday, October 17th -

Susan Carey with Energy Waves of Weymouth will be presenting, "The Rings of Oden - New Technology for Quantum Healing.


 Tuesday, October 24th -

Phyllis Simonetta will be presenting, “Light Language.” "Light Language can be channeled through movement, voice, writing, or art. It's delivered through the feeling heart rather than the thinking mind. The energy is transmitted in the frequency of love. Your higher self filters and directs the coded information to your soul who understands the message perfectly." 


 Tuesday October 31st - 

Doreen Lang will offer (3) separate one-on-one coaching sessions to 3-people,  “Dialing into Your Dreams.” Do your dreams cause you anxiety? Do you feel stuck? What are you dreams telling you? Let’s discuss them to reduce stress and anxiety. Let’s also turn those happy dreams into reality. 


One-on-one Success



 One Hour Phone or In-Person



All One-on-one sessions below are in-person and

 90 Minutes long & 

Includes Reiki Session

1- Private Session $185


4- Private Weekly Sessions $750



6 -Private Weekly Sessions $1125 

8 -Private Weekly Sessions $1495 


12  Private Weekly Sessions $2245 

*Ask about a cash discount

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