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Two Most Popular Talks!

I would be honored to speak with  your team too!

"The Empaths Revival Guide:
Strategies For People Who Care Too Much"

Having empathy means our heart goes out to another, but for Empaths it goes much deeper - we actually feel others emotions, energy and physical symptoms in our own bodies. Come and learn how to embrace your gift and develop coping skills in a highly stimulating world.


2023 Past Events
 - Norwell Public Library
- Tony LaGreca WMEX Show
- Learn to Cope, Quincy, Ma

-Thurs. May 25 at 7pm Presentation for Ellie Fund-Sat.
- June 3rd
at 3pm at Cohasset Public Library
-Wed. June 7 at 6:30pm at Hanover Library
-Wed. Sept 21 at Keller Williams
Norwell, MA
-Sat. Sept. 30 at 3pm and
-Tues. Oct. 3 at 6pm at
the Duxbury, MA  Public Library
-Sat. Oct 14 at 2pm at Thoma
s Crane Library in Quincy, MA

- Nov. 13 at 4pm at Blossom Healing Studio
- Nov. 13 at W. Bridgewater Lib.
-Nov. 30 at Dedham Library
-Feb. 17 at Cohasset Library at 3pm
- Dec . 16 Radius Financial Group

Upcoming Events: 2024
-April 10, Home Instead 
-April 11, WMEX Radio
-April 24, 95.9 Rob Hakala Show
-Aug. 9, PACT TV Plymouth
-Oct. 8, Enterprising Women Summit


"Exploring Creative Outlets for Self-Care: Nurturing Your Well-being Through Art, Writing, and Expression."

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We delve into the importance of utilizing artistic and expressive activities as tools for self-care. I will highlight and share stories about how engaging in art, writing, and other forms of creative expression can positively impact mental and emotional well-being. This will be sure to inspire the audience to expand their world to enjoy more of that makes them happy.

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Radius Financial Group Inc.

WMEX Radio with Tony Lagreca
Courage to Hope 

Hanover MA Library

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Doreen Lang, speaker

Attendee Feedback!

"I enjoyed this a lot. It was inspring and interesting. How great to return to great talks and be with like minded people. I reached out to Doreen after this Talk and now I am being coached to start a business! I am making it happen, This Talk was just what I needed to feel good and feel hopeful again!  Brian, S. Cohasset

"I found this talk so interesting and helpful. I now go to see Doreen each week for Reiki, I feel amazing!" D. Summers 

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